Lots of Little Half Blocks

Where have I been?


Stitching. Stitching lots and lots and lots of these little half blocks, to be exact.


With the chain piecing by hand method, these are going together much faster than I had anticipated. So much faster that this little stack of quarter blocks is all that’s left to join into half blocks.


The ones in these two boxes are now all done.


And once I get that final little stack done, then I’ll be joining the halves into whole blocks like these. And the chain piecing by hand method will work fairly well for this too. And Mr. Q.O. will get to laugh, thinking that I’m making something that’s supposed to look like little quilts on a clothesline, which is what he does every time he glances over and sees the little chain of blocks I’m stitching.


“Kitty/Alien Drunkard’s Path on the Clothesline.”

It’s cold. Again. Winter just does not seem to want to end. I can’t wait for that day when we can finally go out without having to bundle up in winter coats, scarves, hats, mitts and boots.


But Baxter and Jake don’t care about the weather. They’re comfortable and cozy, lounging on the duvet.

8 thoughts on “Lots of Little Half Blocks

  1. Well Cathi, nothing like a cold day to get your busy little fingers into this drunkard’s path and finish it so that we can all gaze at it adoringly 🙂 I am without a hand project right now…imagine that! and I am tempted to find some templates and get busy on one of these myself. HHmm, I hear it calling my name lol! Happy Day and hugs to the kitties, especially Baxter 🙂


  2. Such cute little patches! And hanging on a line is just how they should look! Not sure of the alien blocks, where’s the piecing? But what cute little outfits those kitties have on. And the BEST picture of Baxter and Jake! True friends, at least today!


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