A Walk in the Neighbourhood

I’m still working away on the Summer Picnic Dish arc/melon combos. Only eight more to make and I’ll be ready to put the rings together and add them to the body of the quilt top! So with any luck, by the time our long Thanksgiving weekend is over I will be finished making the melon/arc combos.

Rather than show another picture of the melon/arc combos, I thought it might be fun to see some pictures of the flowers still blooming that we saw while out for walks Tuesday and yesterday. It may have been the summer that wasn’t, but this fall has been absolutely glorious. Being able to walk outside in October in summer-weight cotton clothing is a fabulous treat.


On Tuesday we walked to the vet’s to get Baxter’s food. And on the way back, we saw these flowers outside an office building

isabella 2wtmk

And these. The leaves on the tree on the roof garden that’s right outside our living room window are still green too. So between the lovely mild weather and the flowers and leaves on the trees, it doesn’t feel or look like October!


Yesterday I had an appointment and, as I was coming home, was taking pictures of the flowers I saw along the way. These were in a planter outside an office building.


And these lovely little flowers are still blooming in the flowerbeds at the entrance to our building. It was windy, so it was rather hard to get a good shot but there are many buds still to open. There are also some larger, deeper pink ones but there was no way I could get a good shot of them.

This is my 1,400th post! When I started this blog back in 2007, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine writing so many posts. I think this calls for a giveaway. And I am going to think about just what that giveaway will be over the weekend while I work on the melon/arc combos. Watch this space! Sometime next week I will announce what the giveaway will be.

MLB playoffswtmk

“Watching The Playoffs – They All Seem to Favour Birds For Some Strange Reason.”


Baxter was snoozing in his favourite spot.

10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Neighbourhood

  1. Love the flowers, we have been enjoying same here in Ohio. Baxter should be the poster child for the benefits of an in home Kitty Tree, delightful.


  2. What pretty flowers! This time last year we were in TO, and flowers were still blooming……but it was definitely getting cooler. How would Baxter manage if he didn’t have his kitty tree, I wonder?


  3. I love all the flowers – now that I do not see on our walks – here it is a lot of greenery but wild and no flowers planted some scattering of wild daisies and such and sun flowers but that is it usually. Congrats on so many posts


  4. Congrats on the 1400 posts! WOW!
    Looks like the team does favor birds! LOL.
    Baxter is looking like a bad hair day there but once he’s awake will probably be grooming back into his own magnificent self!


  5. I agree with your take on the fall. It has been spectacular in Muskoka. The colours have been extra wonderful this year for some reason. We have not left yet as we are awaiting medical test results. I love your flower pictures. I still have some flowers as well however the deer have cleaned out a lot of them. Why is it that baseball teams are named for the birds? Surely it’s not because baseball is for the birds is it? Baxter is always so relaxed. He’d fit in well living on the west coast.


  6. We’ve also had a very mild October so far. This week it’s been in the mid 70’s, sunny and NO humidity. Perfect weather. Unfortunately, before we know it the snow will be falling.

    Congratulations on 1,400 posts! That’s quite an accomplishment.

    Baxter’s going to be a little angry with you when he see’s the picture you posted. He always looks so regal in his pictures. You happened to catch this picture while his fur wasn’t quite perfect. LOL The picture is adorable.

    Got a good chuckle of the cartoon.

    Love reading your blog posts. In addition to the beautiful handwork you do, the cartoon and pictures of Baxter always put a smile on my face. Here’s to the next 1,400 posts! Cheers!


  7. So glad your weather is good. We had an early rain fall(very much needed) in so. Calif.. It helps keep those fires away. Your flowers are lovely…….and I never get enough of the pics of Baxter. His hair do is hilarious. Pat McDonald


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