Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars 2


The first of the final set of three kaleidoscope stars I worked on over the past weekend.


The second.


The third.


The fourth.


The fifth.


And the sixth. These are Mr. Q.O.’s favourites of the kaleidoscope stars I’m making.


And the project box with the diamonds printed for the paisley kaleidoscope stars. This box does look a little less crowded.

Yesterday was a very hot and humid day and today is supposed to be even hotter. And what did I decide to try last night? I decided I was going to try some hand quilting without a hoop. So on a hot and humid evening I had a quilt draped over my legs for a little while. Turns out I quite like quilting without a hoop. But not in this kind of weather! However, it looks like Thursday night will be quite cool and I may just get going on some hand quilting then. There are three quilts basted, just waiting to be quilted, so it would be nice to get working on them.


“Bug Collection.”


This is how Baxter decided to deal with a hot day – snoozing in his kitty tree with one paw hanging out.

8 thoughts on “Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars 2

  1. I think these are my favorite stars yet! I agree with Mr. Q.O. These are wonderful! And also please tell Mr. Q.O. that this is Panda’s favorite ‘toon so far. She loves bugs!


  2. Quilting without a hoop is natural. Please keep us posted as to how it works out for you. Baxter looks like he’s given up and patiently waiting for the weather to break. Its cooled off here….thank goodness. Love love love…..#2. Wow. Still quilting, after a wee break. 🙂


  3. Yes…I have to agree with the troops…these stars are outstanding! Quite elegant and chic! What fun…discovering what each little bundle will turn into! I believe you may have some cool weather on the way…perfect for quilting!
    Hugs and happy stitching!


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