Purple Sunflower


One more sunflower to add to the little stack of finished blocks. A purple one this time.


Seams graded and pressed.


Putting together the diamond/triangles band that goes around the centre circle takes the longest but is also a lot of fun as it’s nothing but continuous stitching possibilities.


As soon as the diamond/triangles band is finished, I grade those seams and press it before attaching it to the centre. And then it’s yet more fun with nothing but curved piecing to do.

Two more sunflower blocks to stitch with shapes I had previously printed on batiks and then I’ll start on the group I printed on Monday.

Our weather has been very up and down over the past few days but now we seem to finally be heading for warm weather. Last night it got very foggy as the warm air arrived and then we had a thunderstorm with lots of lightning. Baxter was on the windowsill or in his kitty tree watching and listening to it. He’s not the least bit frightened of storms.

Sketch 2013-05-28 19_28_00wtmk

“In the Groove.”


Having a snooze in his kitty bed. Mr. Q.O. calls him Mr. Whiskers sometimes. I think this photo shows why.

6 thoughts on “Purple Sunflower

  1. Kitty sunflowers today in the ‘toon! And Mr Whiskers makes me want to kiss his little kitty pink nose. So cute! Love the sunflowers, Cath – that quilt is going to be fabulous!


  2. I love the purple sunflower! WOW! And I know all about flower children but flower cats! I hear Mama and Papa music playing in the background of this toon! And Mr Whiskers sure has the look!


  3. Beautiful block. I don’t believe any of the cats I have ever had were afraid of storms – now dogs are a completely different story!


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