Cutting Curved Pieces

Now that I’ve started making sunflowers again, it was time to print some more shapes on fabric and cut them out.


And that brings me to a new favourite tool – the Fiskars 18mm Fingertip Rotary Cutter. It’s fabulous and makes cutting curved shapes very easy. I thought it was something when I learned to cut curves with a regular rotary cutter. Then I got one of these fingertip control rotary cutters. Now I’m never going to hesitate to cut curved pieces with a rotary cutter as the fingertip cutter makes it so accurate. No affiliation. I’m just really happy with how well this little fingertip cutter works.


You slide it on your index finger and it’s magic. Like tracing a curved template, if you look just ahead of where the cutting blade is and follow along, it makes perfect cuts every time.


I printed some more of the 6″ sunflower shapes on fabrics, ready to turn into another sunflower. The straight edges were cut with a regular cutter and ruler, but the curves were all cut with the little fingertip cutter. And this weekend I am going to get quite a few more printed on batiks so that the sunflower project box is full.


“Flower Children.”

The weather really changed yesterday. In the morning it was quite warm, although very overcast. So warm that we had the air conditioning on. Then came the wind and the temperature dropped rather rapidly. It got so cool that the windows were shut and the heat was turned back on. Sounds like we’re going to have a pretty cool weekend and then the temperature will start to steadily go up.


Baxter doesn’t care what the weather does outside. He’s cozy and comfortable on his kitty tree.

8 thoughts on “Cutting Curved Pieces

  1. What a nifty little cutter! I have 45mm, and 28mm cutters, but that is even smaller. A cold wind sprang up here today too, perhaps it’s the same one? Our cats are staying by the fire. Perhaps you need a fire to keep you warm, Baxter!


  2. Cathi,
    I have that cutter but haven’t even taken it out of the package, now I know what to do with it. My daughter and gdaughter live in Toronto, a suburb and she mentioned how drastically the weather changed yesterday. Hope it warms up and stays that way for you.
    Wanda in TX


  3. One little hint… When you use the finger cutter, turn your mat over and use the wrong side. I have been using the cutter for a long time but it is very hard on your mat! Cutting small radius chips away at your mat even though the blade is very sharp! Which reminds me.. Keep the cover on when your not using it. My mother used to say… The lessons we learn through pain we seldom have to learn again!


  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this cutter. I really do appreciate learning and hearing others’ thoughts on gadgets….they can get expensive when you consider the number of items out there all claiming to make sewing life easier ! Ive not seen this beauty…but will consider it now.
    Cheers, from Oshawa,


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