Orange Sunflower

It has been quite a while since I made one of the 6″ sunflowers. I hadn’t forgotten them, just had been so engrossed in other projects that they kept being put to the back of the line-up of projects. Now that project box is on top, so I think there will be a few more made rather quickly.


There are a number of them ready to stitch in the project box, but I couldn’t resist doing this lovely orange one first. This one will become a little wallhanging and I’ll print more of the shapes on the orange batik as well as some others to add to the group of batik sunflower blocks.


Seams graded and the little sunflower is pressed. All that’s left to do is add a border and quickly quilt and bind it. After making the little pieced hexagon, this 6″ block seems enormous. Even though there are 51 pieces in each of the sunflower blocks, it goes together very quickly as there are loads and loads of opportunities for continuous stitching and, of course, I find it really appealing with the curved piecing. Hmm — I wonder if I can figure out a way to make a pieced hexagon that also involves some curves.


“Crossword Master.”

The window washers came yesterday. What a difference now that the windows are clean again! They frightened Baxter though, as they make a fair amount of noise when they’re doing the windows and the swing stage they’re on is moving. Of course, now it’s going to rain for a day or two but at least we had an afternoon of totally streak-free and clean windows.


Last night he was sleeping on the top level of the kitty tree, getting over the fright of noisy men at his window.

7 thoughts on “Orange Sunflower

  1. What a gorgeous block! I can imagine these in any number of lovely sunny shades..leaning towards an Autumn look. OOOOOH…now I’m getting eager to make one or a few myself, only bigger. No talent for making these lovely, petite works of art as you do so wonderfully well.
    I thought Baxter was worn-out from all the hand stitching he watched!


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