It’s a Small World and I’m Mad

Mad about miniatures, that is. Yesterday afternoon I decided to dive back into this wonderfully wacky world of tiny blocks and printed some of the kites from the Periwinkle Octagon collection and some QSTs on white fabrics, used some diamonds that were already printed for the Candy Stars doll quilt along with a green kite I had printed previously and then cut some light green squares that finish at 3/8ths of an inch. Yes, you read that right – 3/8ths of an inch.


I’ve wanted to do a nosegay block for ages. Then I saw some on Tim Latimer’s Bridal Bouquet Quilt Top blog post and that got me really thinking. I knew that with the kite and the .75″ 45-degree diamonds I had the beginning of the little block. Then I added in a couple of sizes of QSTs and started stitching. It’s an odd shape, no question, but I wasn’t worried about that as this is destined to be the label for a quilt. I wanted to do something really different for the label and this is the result.

Will I make more? Most definitely! Although cutting those tiny squares is an adventure.


Another shot with a dime beside one of the tiny, tiny green squares.


The back. A lot of little seams in a tiny block, but with the seams graded it pressed like a charm. Most of the fabrics used for the diamonds are very finely woven like a batik, which makes a big difference with such tiny shapes. There are lots of opportunities for continuous stitching in this little block, which made it relatively quick to stitch.

Clowning Aroundwtmk

“Clowning Around.”


It was cool again yesterday but Baxter was nice and cozy, curled up in one of his kitty beds.

10 thoughts on “It’s a Small World and I’m Mad

  1. Did I already tell you we have a 20 year old “Baxter”? His name is Little Bit and he’s shrinking day by day. He had a stroke a couple months back. He hasn’t given up but his body is failing fast. It’s SO sad! 20 years is a long time to have a kitty!
    On another note: do you just keep piles of *washed* fabrics on which to print? I haven’t washed my fabrics first since the early 90’s so I’m having trouble even figuring out which fabrics to wash some of so I can get going with Inklingo!


  2. Love the little flower. I’m powering through the quilts I’ve dropped everything for, so hopefully I’ll be joining you in minature land soon (well, pieces at least, quilt size no) 🙂


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