Little Flowers


I’m working on a small project that has to be finished quickly. So out came the baggie full of  .50″ hexagons that had already been printed on fabrics and I began making the flowers. My little garden is only going to have a dozen or so flowers. They go together quickly with a simple running stitch so I know I can complete it quite easily and have time to add some embellishments.


I’m grading the seams as I finish each flower.

So much for the lovely mild weather. We had a wind chill of something like -1C last night and the heat is definitely back on but I think it warms up again fairly quickly and we will be back to the heat off and windows open before the week is over. Yesterday was a very odd day. It was pouring down rain one minute and the sun was out the next.


The leaves on the tree are all opening and our view is much nicer. We got this shot Friday night when the sky was a lovely shade of mauve.


“Lots of Rain Here.”


Baxter was using his toy basket as a pillow. Looks dreadfully uncomfortable to me, but he seemed content curled up there for quite a while.

10 thoughts on “Little Flowers

  1. I believe that that “odd” day yesterday came from the south east. All those Boston folks sighing over their loses, sent strong winds and rain our way! Not hopeful yet, but definitely seeing some improvement with our son sent me a picture of the CN TOWER. All lit up in blue lights. It was very impressive!


  2. Definitely odd weather! If you have surplus rain we would love some, we haven’t had any decent rain since February. Very sweet little hexie flowers too! No, Baxter doesn’t look comfortable…….but then, he’s a cat……


  3. Nice little hexies! We are on and off with the heat also, tomorrow should be in the 90’s and then back in the 60’s and 70’s later in the week. No spring, just winter to summer!
    I like Baxter’s yellow slicker!


  4. we are still having weird weather here as well – chilly one day or night then warm the next and then a repeat – maybe we will be lucky and have a cooler than normal summer – would love it not to be in the high 90’s to 100’s this year.


  5. I love hexies, too; will have to make more of my own one of these days . . . I ‘specially like the one with the tiny green leaves on two of the petals. Looking forward to the finished project. You are one of the most prolific crafters I’ve heard of and you put the “O” in “Obsession” 😉 ~ Linne


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