More Candy Stars


This is what I’ve been doing lately – making lots and lots of little Candy Stars. I decided to get the stars made as, once they’re finished, it’s all lots and lots of continuous stitching adding the little white squares around each star and then adding the stars to the red connector octagons and diamonds. Three more were done after this photo was taken, and there are now only three little stars left to make. Then the fun begins!


One star with a quarter in the middle of it, just to give a sense of the size.


I’m grading the seams as I finish each star and pressing them. Once the squares are added to each star, those seams will be graded as well and then they will be pressed again. That way, once I start adding them to the rest of the little quilt top, there will be very little pressing that will be needed and the top will be finished rather quickly.


Seems Baxter may have overdone it on kitty treats by the looks of this ‘toon, which Mr. Q.O. has entitled “Aftermath”, while his kitty pals are clearly sleeping off the after effects of the party.


The cat tree in front of the window has become more and more attractive to Baxter lately as the woodpecker has been very busy on the tree immediately in front of the window. Great kitty TV!

6 thoughts on “More Candy Stars

  1. Those stars look delicious…you found the perfect name for them!!! Great idea to add a quarter to the photograph…gives me an idea of just how tiny the stars are. And Baxter looks exquisite lounging on his kitty tree…such a handsome boy! Good to know he had a good birthday celebration!!


  2. We brought some Canadian coins home with us, I shall check if we have a quarter so I can see the scale of your stars! Oh my, Baxter, looks like you overdid the partying this year.


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