New York Wheel Stitching and Stitching and …


That’s what I was doing last night. Stitching all the little quarter circles on to the arcs. That part is now done for all the blocks. Then it was on to adding the large corners to each arc. This stack of blocks includes those done previously as well as a quarter of the ones from the clue a week ago.


And this is the stack that I am determined to finish before the weekend is over. All they need is to have the large corner added which is relatively quick to stitch. It’s curved piecing, so I’m doing it by hand because I enjoy it so much. Who knows? I may even use the sewing machine to join the blocks and get the top put together before the weekend is over! I have a design idea for a border that I’m going to play with in EQ to make sure it’s going to work the way I envision it will.


Baxter has his speed sewer diploma hanging on the wall in today’s ‘toon as he’s joining me in the sewing blitz to get these blocks done and the top together.


The look on his face and the crossed paws in this shot make me laugh.

6 thoughts on “New York Wheel Stitching and Stitching and …

  1. You are making great progress on this quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the border. LOL Baxter looks like the Chairman of the Board in that picture.



  2. I know you are very excited to finish now, with the great reveal and all. You will get it done. Just enjoy the process. I sure em enjoying watching..
    Perhaps you can rent out your “speed sewer”??!?! I’m in need here..


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