Octagon Stars Growing


The octagon stars have grown and now measure 24″ by 7″. I couldn’t resist working on this last night and, after this picture was taken, added all the red octagons and diamonds so I can start joining the next row of stars. I want to make this about 20″ x 25″ so am thinking I’ll add a half star at the row ends but will make that decision when I’ve got a bit more done.

Spring is here, I think. The past couple of days have been wonderful. It has been sunny and the air has been nice and fresh but not cold. Once it gets a bit warmer, it will be perfect!


Which may be why Baxter’s thinking it’s time to go for a swim in today’s ‘toon.


The kitty tree is his favourite spot to be once again – even at night. We have seen grackles on the roof garden every day this week, so there is now something for him to watch.

12 thoughts on “Octagon Stars Growing

  1. Cathi, there is a new word, ‘grackles” I had no idea, so Google came to the rescue, a bit like the starlings we have here in NZ. Yes, a sure sign spring is soon arriving. Baxter, please look only. Cheers from Jean


  2. Oh my goodness! This is going to be stunning when finished. I love the colors that you have chosen to use. And your kitty is so beautiful. Is he a Main Coon? He looks big!:)


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