Tumbling Stars Progress


All of the stars and their surrounding white diamonds for the next round have been added. And 16 of the 18 tumbling blocks I need for this round are done, ready to attach. Then one more round of white diamonds and I may finish this one up and add triangles to get the straight edges. I’ll measure it once the tumbling blocks and white diamonds are attached and then decide.

I was missing yesterday. We have a big winter storm hitting which meant a migraine for me. We had a bit of snow yesterday, but not much. I was glad to see it begin to snow as once the snow started, the migraine was easing off. Sounds like the heaviest of it will be this morning and afternoon. I’m glad we don’t have to go anywhere today.


Seem the Sons of the Cattery are now having quilt design classes.


This is a typical Baxter pose – crashed in one of his kitty beds, with his head on his toy banana and other toys strewn about within paw’s reach.

15 thoughts on “Tumbling Stars Progress

  1. Big hugs coming your way…and wishes for a new day without any migraines!
    Misery beyond belief! Lovely stars…and another fine day of napping for Baxter!
    He does know what is important! ;-)))) Take care…hope you feel great soon!


  2. Great block, it just seems to get better with each addition!
    Glad you are back and the migraine has passed, I know, not fun!
    Tha weather system hitting Massachusetts especially sounds daunting, hope the power stays on for the sewing population! 🙂 Stay safe!
    Tell me, are those Sons of the Cattery piecing with leather?


  3. Migraines after a drop in the barometer happen a lot, but no consolation at all, Hope it is better tomorrow, once the snow falls it might level out.Dark room, cold compresss, no noise, Baxter for TLC, snow falling to keep it all hushed and quiet.Take care, Jean.


  4. Sorry to hear about your migraine – not fun!!! Love the way your Tumbling Stars is progressing. It is inspiring me to get a move on with mine and I should have enough diamonds printed and cut today to start laying it out. Take care.



  5. This is another quilt you are going to have to make a pattern for, it’s beautiful! I think it must be time for you to make a bed sized quilt, this one would be stunning!


  6. Sorry to hear about the migraine, hope it eases quickly. And yay, snow! 🙂
    The stars/blocks look great.
    Please thank Mr QO for giving us Biker Baxter fun.
    What’s up next? Bikers go boozing? Bikers go camping? Hehe, lots of fun


  7. I agree with several commenters that said your design resembles a snowflake. Great block. I wonder if next season of Sons of Anarchy will be influenced by Baxtertoons and the bikers will be quilting LOL! If so, hope Mr. QO gets some royalties.


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