Half a New York Wheel


After looking at the first New York Wheel block in daylight, I decided to replace the quarter circle. The second block is now done and attached. The remaining two blocks are halfway done, so I will have this little quilt top finished this weekend.


The back after pressing and all seams graded.

The pictures still aren’t showing the purples well. Maybe on the weekend we’ll get a day that’s sunny enough that we can get a photo in daylight.

We had snow falling on and off all day yesterday. Thankfully it didn’t seem to accumulate, although they say there is more snow coming today.

If you’re here looking to see who won my giveaways from the Grow Your Blog event, they will be announced sometime early this afternoon.


A special request from a friend has Baxter and Cappy visiting the Okefenokee Swamp.


On a cold snowy day, he found a nice warm spot for a snooze.

8 thoughts on “Half a New York Wheel

  1. Oh my, we live near “Dismal Swamp” and like it…I imagine there all sorts of slithery things to watch for! Baxter…take a friend…a BIG friend! ;-)))
    Cathi, the new block is so interesting…makes me think of lovely stained glass cathedral windows…wonder how it would look in bold black with brights??? Hope the winter cold/bleak passes quickly…spring will be so welcome for you!


  2. Really nice block, I know you’re get this one done soon!
    Baxter in Swampland? Are those the names of his pals posted on their backs? My big question is, will Baxter see the ground hog tomorrow?


  3. I am sure gators are no threat to Baxter but those weee kitties oh no!! I just love that baxter takes his little good luck charm where every he goes. Well I better get to work lunch is over but thanks for posting so that I can also venture into quilt land and forget about everything else


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