22 Tiny Stars


I got five more of the 2.5″ stars finished so decided to put them all up on the wall. Five more little stars to go and the blocks will all be done for the little doll bed runner, which will finish at 7.5″ x 22.5″. There will be more brown and red stars than the pink and blue ones, so I’ll have fun arranging them once they’re all finished.


I’m grading the seams as I finish each little block. That way as soon as they’re finished I’ll be ready to figure out the arrangement and then get them stitched together.

It has been wonderfully mild. Yesterday the high was 16C. The longer we have mild weather rather than winter cold, the better. It’s nice to have the windows open.


Baxter was having a video conference with some of his friends who are also quilters’ cats, teaching them the fine points of fabric pilfering and building their own little stashes.


He loves to stretch out on the floor, but always has Cappy close by.

7 thoughts on “22 Tiny Stars

  1. I had windows open for two or three days but then yesterday afternoon I had to finally shut them – cool front came through and this morning here it is a nice chilly 44! and we had 72 on Monday!


  2. Aha! Now I know where Boo is getting his instructions for stealing my fabric and hiding it. He’s been on a video conference with Baxter! 26 little 2 inch squares of green disappeared from my sewing room this week and now I know who to blame. That Baxter is a trouble maker. But he sure is cute! Love the stars, Cath!


  3. your stars are sooooo tiny and so wonderfully hand pieced! what are you making.
    Baxter is getting very quilty knowledgable…watch your stash! he and his pals may be diving in and making their own quilt


  4. Almost done with a project, such a great feeling! That will be a nice little runner!
    Oh my, Baxter is spreading his trickster ideas to the innocent little quilter’s cats! However, the middle one looks like he can’t be trusted either!


  5. Wow, 16 is warm for you at this time of year! Our heatwave has passed, thank goodness – it’s much milder now. Professor Baxter is on the job again, I see. Looking forward to seeing your teeny little stars made up!


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