A Cat’s View of Some Quilting Terminology

Seems Baxter may have been visiting some of Cathi’s favourite online quilt shops, thinking he was getting kitty food and toys. Imagine his chagrin if he had been shopping and then received a box marked fabric and fat quarters, instead of cat food. To a cat, what does FQ mean anyway? Some new designer cat food?

A cat’s view of some quilting terminology  might be just the ticket! “What about these sharps and betweens and straws she’s always mumbling about? I have kitty claws. What more does she need for something sharp? Betweens? No idea. And straws? Great cat toys, straws are but I haven’t any idea what she uses them for when she’s fiddling with those little pieces of fabric she won’t let me have.”

Tiring work, this blog writing. Time for a rest in the kitty tree.

7 thoughts on “A Cat’s View of Some Quilting Terminology

  1. Cathi,rest up, you have strong competition for your blog, Baxter is saying ‘ Look out, here I come” , and I think that for him FQ could mean anything, as long as it is in the food, toy category. Cheers, Jean.


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