Baxter Takes Up Art

Baxter: “What am I supposed to do when faced with a box full of little bits of fabric like this? Walk away? Not going to happen. I have to get a paw in there and see what I can manage to grab. Have to. Why she would think I’d do anything else beats me. I’m a cat in need of a fabric fix. She knows I love to scatter those little pieces all over. And she still leaves a box like that open. Sometimes I wonder about her. I heard her talking today about printing some more of these little pieces too. Guess I can watch the printer — noisy thing, that printer — and then help her cut them out.”

Mr. Q.O.: Baxter so much admires artists’ sketches that he decided he was going to try to experiment this time with a graphic pen and watercolour pencils. An admirer of the great masters, he decided to put on a beret in their honour.

After all that, he was having a snooze on the couch. “Sheesh, first she has me writing the blog and now I’m doing art? What’s next? There better be some mega kitty treats and new toys coming my way!”

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