Baxter Makes a Quilt

I’ve not been feeling great so have decided to take it easy the rest of the week. Never fear, though — the Baxtertoons will appear as Baxter’s taking over my blog for a couple of days with Mr. Q.O.’s help. Guess Baxter got tired of waiting for me to make him a little quilt and has decided to make it himself. He’s clearly learned to lay out the blocks on the floor. I wonder if he’s going to decide to print some templates on fabric next.

He was up on his perch for quite some time yesterday afternoon, watching intently out the window. Although only one of them can be seen, there are at least four kitty toys up there with him.

16 thoughts on “Baxter Makes a Quilt

  1. Get well soon! Enjoy watching Baxter take over and I hope he doesn’t chew up the fabric before he gets to piecing! Is he a paw piecer or does he do well on the machine?


  2. Oh, no! You can’t get sick, Superwoman! I hope you are feeling better VERY soon, and I know Baxter will take good care of you. Sending hugs! 🙂


  3. Cathi, you must take care of yourself-I feel better just knowing that you’re OK. Baxter will be your “rest buddy” this week and forgo his “nest” just for his Mom
    take care -Bonnie


  4. Hope you feel better soon. I’m sure Baxter & DH will do a good job “holding down the fort” for you.
    Drat…I couldn’t think of a way to say that in a quilty way!


  5. Cathi, take care, rest,relax, enjoy a break , and we hope, am sure, know very well that Baxter and MrQO will fill in meanwhile. Love the toons,Read a book, hold some fabric, have Baxter cuddle up with you on the bed and get better soon. Fond greetings, Jean.


  6. Cathi, YOU have been going full throttle lately (!) Oi (!) Hopefully you will be feeling better in a jiffy…wishing you a swift recovery (!) Meanwhile, Baxter is a great entertainer, lol, along with MrQO of course…heeheehee. love that cat (!)
    get well hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  7. Enjoy your rest, hope you feel better soon.
    Great Baxtertoon. I’m wondering though if the blocks on the floor will prove too tempting, and his next move will be sprawling out on them, maybe followed by them being scattered high and low, before he gets around to templates 🙂


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