Batik Sunflowers 5 and 6

While a number of the sunflowers will be orange, some are going to be other colours. This green sunflower may end up being the centre of the small quilt these are destined to become.

Another deep orange one. I’m thinking the orange ones may be the corner blocks. I’m slowly getting an idea about how I’ll set these and have decided that it will be a small quilt with a fun pieced border.

There are batiks printed and cut for another 14 sunflowers. Once I get them all pieced, I’ll start playing with the setting and then work on the border. After the Pickled Ladies quilt top is finished I’ll get back to the sunflowers. I may have to piece one or two while I’m working on the Pickled Ladies border. I think that three quilt tops may finish in quick succession – the Pickled Ladies, the Tiffany NYB and the batik sunflowers. Then the Monet NYB blocks will get some more attention. At least that’s the plan now although, knowing me, I’ll likely get distracted along the way by something. The one thing they all have in common is that they involve curved piecing and continuous piecing, two of my favourite things and they will all be pieced by hand.

Baxter’s still at the CNE, enjoying rides on the midway.

We put a favourite toy or two on the top tier of the kitty tree sometimes. He was inspecting to see what was up there before he jumped up.

9 thoughts on “Batik Sunflowers 5 and 6

  1. These are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see all three of the tops. Once I thought you were crazy for enjoying hand-piecing curves. Now I’m starting to understand 🙂 They really are fun once you get going!


  2. I LOVE that green one!! Those blocks are the best! I can’t wait to see this finished project!
    I knew Baxter wouldn’t be able to leave without a ride or two, he’s just too playful! I also bet he was the bumper car that crashed into everyone else! 🙂
    I can’t believe his long tail, such a great picture!


  3. Another couple of beautiful sunflowers. Seeing them all makes me think I’d love to look through your stash 🙂

    Baxter really does love the tree – so cute to see. Definitely money well spent


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