Tiny Distraction

It was inevitable – the minute I said I was going to dedicate stitching time to those three quilt tops, a tiny distraction came along. And I do mean tiny. This little hexagon flower was made with the Inklingo .375″ hexagons. Very quick to stitch as each seam is done in one load of stitches on the needle. I think it took longer to print the shapes on fabric and cut them out than it did to stitch the little flower. They were one of four new Inklingo hexagon collections released yesterday – .375″, .75″, 1.5″ and 2.25″ hexagons. Of course I had to play with the smallest of the four.

Seams graded and tiny flower pressed. As I typed that sentence I immediately thought of a fun setting for these tiny flowers. And that one will be a very small quilt – made up of no more than 4 or 5 of these miniature flowers. And I think it will be done very, very quickly. Maybe even this weekend. I thought I’d do just the one flower but now that this idea has taken hold, I have a feeling I won’t stop until it’s finished. Perhaps the tiny distraction has grown to become a small distraction.

I’ve made flowers with the .25″, now the .375″ and the .50″ hexagons – shown here in that order. I’ve also made ones with the 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ hexagons. Of those, I think the .375″ may just be my favourite.

Baxter’s still at the CNE, but took a break from the midway today to go to the food building and then to a quilt show. How I wish there was a real quilt show at the CNE. Then I might actually want to go. I don’t think I’ve been to the Ex, as we call it, in a few decades.

At home he was eyeing something, likely one of his toys, from his perch up high.

14 thoughts on “Tiny Distraction

  1. I knew the minute that collection came out, there would be an immediate stopping of any current project at your house! Those are sooo cute!
    Now about the Baxtertoon, I hope he isn’t taking fabric from the quilt show!!! Or someone’s small quilt!


  2. What a fun little flower! I can’t wait to see what your little quilt idea is. I just love hexagons. I’m with Emily…. peer pressure. Now I might have to have this one!


  3. Those little hexagon flowers are darling! I can see turning them into little girl barrettes or jazzy lapel pins!!! Hmm, can you believe…not having a quilt show…they
    should be ashamed!!! ;-))))


  4. Very cute little flowers! Hexagons are very addictive! I have made 1/2 inch hexies, but never anything smaller than that. I think I need to try those 1/4 inch ones! 🙂

    Baxter is looking very handsome!


  5. Very tempting to get those collections. I still have the disk collection 3. but maybe.
    Baxter is looking lovely. He obviously loves being up high. Our lady loves to perch and watch the brids next door from the enclosure we have.


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