Shabby Chic Yin Yang

All the shabby chic Yin Yang blocks are ready to stitch now. I spent a while last week and on the weekend deciding which 4 pieces would go in each block and have them stacked, ready to stitch. Having done that is going to make finishing this little project very easy as I can just pick up a group off the stack and stitch.

The first group picked off the stack produced this.

The second group in the stack turned into this one.

The third group became this.

I’m always fascinated with how easy they are to press. When I take them to the ironing board, they don’t look anything like they do once pressed. I am going to have to go back and grade the seams on these. Guess I should start doing that now and get caught up so that I’m not faced with doing them all at the end.

“Mouse Hunting on Mars.”

Here he was hunting fabric. I had some of the Yin Yang blocks laid out on the board we use to photograph things and he was about to jump on the board and grab a block.

7 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Yin Yang

  1. Each block is so unique! Wonderful fabric choices!
    Baxter is on Mars?? Did he know it would take months to get there? Hope he gets all the mice!
    Maybe he was just going to organize the blocks in a different way……


  2. Beautiful blocks Cathi…you always talk about grading your seams…maybe some pictures are in order? That is one thing I have never done. If there is bulk I sometimes press seams open, but have never graded them.


  3. These are gorgeous too. You have some beautiful fabrics in your stash! Mr. Q.O.’s Baxtertoon made me laugh out loud! Kitty Baxter has a cheeky look on his face 😉


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