Big Block

This is an enormous block for me – 18″ from side to side and about 21″ from point to point. I’m going to make two of them and then turn them into — well, I don’t know yet. I might just add setting pieces to turn them into large rectangles and use them as the covers of a stitching book. It’s made with the Inklingo 18″ Rose Star collection. I used  the 3″ hexagons and one-third of the 3″ hexagons from the 3″ Hexagon collection for some of the shapes as well as the kites in the Rose Star collection. I fussy cut the large centre hexagon. Had I used all kites, I could have had an entirely different effect.

The back after grading the seams and pressing.

A new small project was added to the list. Enough was printed on fabric for 12 blocks and I’ll hopefully have the first one made sometime today. It’s going to be a small quilt made up of only the 12 blocks and a border. Some fussy cutting and printing to make a couple of trial blocks for the Pickled Ladies pieced border was the major thing I wanted to get done on the weekend and I did. Now to make a couple of those blocks and decide if I like how it looks.

Baxter loves the top tier of his kitty tree during the day.

And, as shown in this Baxtertoon, he also loves it at night.

In fact, as I was writing this post last night, his paws were dangling mid-air as he snoozed in that top tier.

12 thoughts on “Big Block

  1. This block is beautiful! I have seen it all over the blogosphere and have been quite impressed by it… I love yours! Don’t you just love when the cats “hang” their paws!


  2. Absolutely beautiful!! This size would make a one block table topper all on it’s own. Kitty Baxter looks as if he is about to fall off the perch. It always amazes me the poses he gets into to sleep, LOL… Love the Baxtertoon Mr Q. O. 🙂


  3. Lovely block! But then…most of your blocks are lovely! LOL!

    My MIL bought us a cat tree when we moved, Lucy loves it…she’s just too small to jump up there and while she can climb the back to the chair she hasn’t mastered the tree yet.


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