One more fabric combo. This is the one I’ve decided to use. It’s actually a grey, not black as it appears in this photo, with pink and white.

While I was filling out my Monkey’s Cheat Sheet so I’d know exactly what I had to print, I looked up and there was Baxter, peering out from behind my computer.

A few minutes later, I had pressed my fabrics to freezer paper, printed on the fabric and not long afterwards had all the pieces cut and ready to stitch. The block I’m making has 112 pieces.

And there was Baxter again – helping or was he waiting for me to leave so he could use the computer?

Today’s Baxtertoon may be the answer to that question. He was waiting so he could get online and order some toys.

8 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. 112 pieces ! I can’t imagine that for one block!
    That Baxter is sneeky, better make sure your credit cards are hidden with him knowing how to go online!


  2. Pink, grey and white was a popular combination here ages ago for knitted sweaters – I always liked it, and haven’t seen it for years! Baxter is pretty smart, so of course he could go onine to order what he wants from the pet shop.


  3. I think I can guess which block and I am so excited………
    The colors are lovely, so soft and calm.
    Baxter’s antics are always fun, thanks for sharing him with us.


  4. Hmmm… you’re such a tease Cathi! LOL… I like your choice of fabrics! Could the block have ‘star’ in it’s name I think I know too. Seems like Baxter isn’t giving anything away 😉 Ellyx


  5. HA!~ That Baxter… Have any packages come for him yet?!?!
    Such pretty colors. I am seeing more grey in stores lately and purchased some in the spring to go with pinks and blacks. I use to wear pink cashmere sweaters with a grey wool skirt when we lived in a cold climate.


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