Auditioning Fabrics

Last night I worked out what I’ll need to print on fabrics to make a block and then started looking for the fabrics I might want to use. This will likely be a 4 or 8 block small quilt as I just want to play and see how it looks. My initial thought was, of course, pink, green and white. Not sure that I’m going to get the effect I want with this group.

Then I thought I might go for a different look with the grey, cream and blue. I’m not thrilled with this group either as I don’t think there will be enough contrast.

This fabric selection process is likely to go on for a few days as I try to find just the right trio of fabrics for this small quilt. Neither of the first two groups really appeals. I may try a red, grey and white group next. Or perhaps I’ll raid the batiks stash for a combo.

This little quilt top will be a fun one to make and a nice transition, along with the pink and green Rose Star. A transition from what to what? From the red and white quilt top, which is finally finished, to the Pickled Ladies which is next up for some concentrated work as I can’t wait to see it with its border. The red and white will be photographed out on the roof garden as soon as we have a day that’s not so breezy that I’m worried about the top flying off the roof garden as we take photos of it.

Baxter went shopping in today’s Baxtertoon.

He is settling in on his perch with one of his favourite toys.

7 thoughts on “Auditioning Fabrics

  1. Congratulations on finishing your red and white start quilt! Can’t wait to see what project you have in mind for your fabric selection when you make your choice. How about teal blue, fuschia pink and lime green – batik of course 😉
    Baxter looks so cosy in his new perch. Baxtertoon always makes me smile :))


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