Saturday’s Adventure

It was an absolutely gorgeous day on Saturday. A perfect summer day – warm, but not really hot and not humid. So we went for a little drive. I love how green Toronto is in the summer – this was on the route to our destination.

As was this.

And this. The high-rises seem to be almost growing out of the trees.

And this is what we were travelling in. A pick-up truck. I’m a city girl, born and bred, and had never ever been in a pick-up truck before. But we were on a special errand. We’d been to a particular store the night before with what is called a “Cube” — not sure if it’s classified as a car or what, but it wasn’t quite big enough. So when we got home Friday night, Mr. Q.O. got online and found that AutoShare also has pick-up trucks available. So one was reserved and Saturday afternoon off we went.

Where were we going?

Well, here. They had a fabulous sale on and there was something we wanted to get for Baxter.

Who seemed at first a tad bewildered at his perch up high. It’s a kitty tree that measures about four and a half feet high.

Then he was seemingly hugging it.

Definitely seems to be liking it.

Then he realized what a bird’s-eye view he has of the doings out on the roof garden from his kitty tree.

Surveying his kingdom from the top tier.

For the summer at least the kitty tree is staying in front of the window. It’s such a perfect spot for him to check out what’s happening out on the roof garden.

In today’s Baxtertoon, he’s driving the Kitty Parcel Service truck.

16 thoughts on “Saturday’s Adventure

  1. He’s loving that! The higher the perch, the more they think they’re the king of the mountain! He may even leave you alone with the fabrics! Or not…..


  2. What fun Baxter will have on that darling perch! Woohoo!!!! Have Mr. O request the truck for outings in the future…think of all the quilting supplies it can carry!!! ;-)))
    Toronto looks so lush & green…wonderful! Saw the parched US midwest last week and fires were even springing up along interstate…scary and sad! Will be lots of gardens/crops simply plowed under this year! No sweet corn/tomatoes…aghhhh!


  3. Baxter really made my day today. I’ll be doing my quilting with a big smile on my face remembering how much fun he’s going to have on that kitty tree. He must be the happiest kitty in the world…at least that’s how he looks. Tell Mr. O he’s the best cartoonist ever.


  4. Oh, how cool! He loves it! You may find, you want to leave it there year round for him, as the birds, some of them, will show up in the winter too! What a great investment for your beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh, I love Petsmart and want everything in there! I love Baxter’s new cat tree–I bet it’s the best thing ever, and I know he so happy up there on top! Cutest cartoon!


  6. You rented not one, but two vehicles in order to provide Baxter with his new kitty tree. You and Mr. Q.O. really are the best pet parents ever. Also, I love the Baxtertoons!


  7. i have a friend with a Cube!!! She calls it a matchbox on another. No good in the wind. Love the Baxtertoon. And the perch tree, perfect. It just looks so good in the back of the Red Ute!!! Cheers,Jean.


  8. What a lucky ducky Baxter is!
    But I must say that he is very deserving of his new throne-he gives you and your readers such pleasure!
    I also have been meaning to comment to tell you that your Monet blocks are spectacular! I am following but have been too lazy to comment! LOL!
    Hope you are feeling well-I am finding this humidity is hard to handle with my arthritis!


  9. We have 2 big trees for the coons plus the other cats and they are about 6 ft tall with several platforms and the coons love it. Lady will often curl up and sleep on the top tier on one as will Spud on the other. I love this playgym for the kitties.


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