A Bevy of Blue Flowers

I’ve been making these little flowers on and off. From each 5.25″ x 5.75″ scrap I’m able to get enough blue hexagons for two flowers. There are still a few blue ones to make and then I’ll pick out some red, pink and violet batik scraps for more flowers.

We still haven’t been able to get a photo of the red and white quilt on the roof garden. It has been quite windy all week and now it looks like we’ve got at least a day or two of thunderstorms and rain. I’m hoping we’ll get a good shot of it on the weekend. The thunderstorms started last night – lots of lightning and thunder and rain coming down in buckets, which I know we need.

Baxter seems to have developed an interest in driving trucks and other large machinery — at least in the Baxtertoons.

While in real life, he’s lounging in his kitty tree with a favourite toy.

9 thoughts on “A Bevy of Blue Flowers

  1. It appears that one hexie is missing from the picture, did Baxter hide it in his kitty tree?
    But, if you get Baxter a little dump truck, he just might clean his own litter box!


  2. Love the hexies…I can’t wait to see your red and white! Is Bob keeping all these wonderful cartoons? He should publish…his cartoons are such a delight! 🙂


  3. Can Baxter teach my kitties to clean their own litter box? LOL
    Love the darling little hexie flowers too, it’s always a fun surprise to see what you are up to each day.


  4. Your hexies are adorable. I haven’t worked on mine in a few weeks. Too many other quilts to finish. Baxter is cute with cappy. At my house that would be called a lulu. Can’t remember where that name came from.


  5. I think Baxter could make a good living doing “Liter Patrol” in the city! 🙂
    You’d never see him… I think he’s more content doing coon patrol. Have you seen the raccoon lately? Wondering what happened to him. If he is still on the rooftop garden. I LOVE your flowers!


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