Two More New York Beauties

I was on a bit of a tear putting things away but, in the process, started pulling more fabrics for New York Beauty blocks and put them in this box. It seems I’ll be making a series of these bit by bit. There are all sorts of metallics and batiks in the box now that measures 16″ deep. I love the idea of making a series – so far there are three in progress; the Tiffany Lamp quilt, the Monet quilt and the third as yet unnamed one. And clearly there are going to be more as I don’t intend to make any of these too large.

The latest Tiffany Lamp block. I think I need to make 3 or 4 more for that quilt top and then can start playing with the setting.

Seams graded and pressed.

And a block for the unnamed one in the series. This might get moved to the Monet group of blocks, although I think it may be a bit too dark for that one.

Again, seams graded and pressed.

Yesterday was one of those days when I got lots done, but nothing finished. One of the biggest jobs was filing the freezer paper I’ve been using lately. The stack was sitting on my desk and threatening to fall over, which was a good indicator it was time to put them away. I can use the same piece numerous times so it’s worth the effort to file them for me. It saves time when I can just pull the size I need from the file and be ready to press and print.

Baxter had to have Bautista type shades for his baseball outfit, which was only fitting as he watched the All Star game.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “American League lost … sleep now.”

5 thoughts on “Two More New York Beauties

  1. You will have 3 incredible quilts when you get the three sets done! I was telling a new customer of mine that you are not considered a REAL quilter unless you have several projects going at the same time! She was afraid to start another project until she was finished with the one she was working on! LOL!


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