Bindings and More Bindings

Yesterday turned into a lost day, it seems. Nothing I had planned to get done got done. Some sorting out of non-quilting related things came first and then at least I got a start on cutting bindings for various quilts. The black binding is ready to be pressed and set aside for its quilt top. Binding from the other three fabrics has to be made for three other quilt tops. I had such great hopes of getting that all done yesterday along with the finishing of the red and white quilt, but those will now be today’s projects. I hope.

Some work may get in the way of all that, but work does have to come first.

This box is stuffed to the brim with three tiers of bindings, ready to use for quilts. I think I’m going to need a larger box for all the prepared bindings by the time I get the other four done and ready to use.

In today’s Baxtertoon, it appears that he has solved the riddle of how the raccoon found his way to the roof garden.

Baxter guarding his food bowl.  Mr. Q.O. captioned it, “Is that raccoon here again?”

4 thoughts on “Bindings and More Bindings

  1. Just make sure you keep your windows closed so the visitor won’t visit! If there is a doorman at your place, he might be making a deal with the coons!


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