16 Little Blocks

Another 60 or so of these and I’ll be halfway done making the 2″ Drunkard’s Path units. They’re unbelievably quick and easy to stitch and, because they are so small, I can spread them out on the Cut ‘n Press and press them in seconds. Last night I was working on a gift for a friend, which I can’t show as she reads my blog, and after that I wanted to stitch for a while. An hour or so later, I had 16 more of these little blocks done.

This weekend I’m hoping to get at least half of the remaining ones I need cut. They’re all printed. The little book box should be pretty full by the time the weekend is over … that is, of course, if I stick to my plans for the weekend.

A portrait of Baxter. This is, we think, one of the best shots of him yet.

11 thoughts on “16 Little Blocks

  1. Wow, your hand must sew a mile a minute! Did you ever see footage where they speed things up, I can just imagine that is how you sew…LOL! Great shot of Baxter.


  2. Darling little blocks. I love he wy youve swapped the background & the print. I agree, this is a FABULOUS shot of Baxter! You need to have this one printed & framed.


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