Delightful Double Wedding Ring Designs

I watched this video and am now fighting the temptation to drop everything and print some shapes. So many incredible designs that are so easy to stitch? Way too much temptation!!

The giveaway of an Inklingo DWR collection is still open. Go to the All About Inklingo blog to enter the contest. Every one of the designs shown in the little video is possible (and easy) with the DWR collection!

4 thoughts on “Delightful Double Wedding Ring Designs

  1. Hi Cathy, I love reading your blog and seeing what Baxter is up to. I’ve been wondering about this inklinkgo thing. I understand that you iron freezer paper onto the fabric and then feed it through a printer. I have an HP inkjet. When I have done paper piecing and ironed over ink in the past, it gets all over everything. How do you deal with that? Has that been a problem for you?

    Thanks, Yuki


  2. I guess you didn`t want to suffer alone, DWR`s are one of my fav`s made a king long ago by hand for my mother it was just given back to me worn with love. So glad they loved it so much.
    Linda Franz has wonderful designs!


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