Bright New York Beauty 2

The partially completed block I showed yesterday is now finished. And it’s bright. Almost need your sunglasses bright. I think I may do a series, as Wanda at Exuberant Color does, of small quilts with these blocks. That way I can play with the colour combinations as much as I want, play with the layouts as many ways as I can think up, and just generally have fun. I’m going to print some more shapes from the 12″ Sunflower collection and do quarter blocks that will play with the NYB 1 and 2 collections. Some will be for the Tiffany Lamp quilt, some for the more muted Monet type effect and some will be … well, I don’t know quite yet.

Even with the thicker metallic fabric it still presses like a dream. And, of course, grading the seams as I finish the block helps.

We had a lot of rain and a couple of little thunderstorms yesterday. I hope that’s it for the rain for a while as the window cleaners are about to do our windows.

This shot of Baxter was taken last week but the look on his face makes me laugh so I couldn’t resist using it.

6 thoughts on “Bright New York Beauty 2

  1. What a great blog Wanda has!~ Thanks for sharing!~ I’ve bookmarked it and plan to go visit her again soon. I bet the window cleaners are a hoot to watch!~ Being a country girl, that fascinates me!~ what a job to have! Not for me… However, somebody has to do it! Take a photo for us please! 🙂

    These blocks are so pretty. Just striking! I’m not sure you could do them in a fabric that would NOT look good!~ However, these seem especially fitting.


  2. It looks like we have both been in the NYB mood. 😉 But yours looks so much more sophisticated! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how fast one block goes. It was definitely a skill builder for me. I did it by machine, but I have a feeling one would probably have better control doing it by hand.


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