A Few More Drunkard’s Path Blocks

Another 10 blocks were stitched. I only have to make another 491 of these to complete the blocks I’ll need for the quilt. Perhaps I shouldn’t be keeping track as that number does seem somewhat daunting. I love the fact I can finish making them using the 2″ Inklingo Drunkard’s Path collection and have, I think, printed the vast majority of what I’ll need. This will be a very long-term project.

I may start putting them together in groups of four soon. It would be easier than leaving that step all to the end.

And just because I get such a kick out of how cute they are once pressed, the back of one of the little blocks.

Am I the only one who is finding it more and more difficult to leave comments on Blogger blogs? While I do try, a lot of times the security words are absolutely indecipherable and I just give up. Surely there’s a better way to add some security to catch spammers.

Baxter was posing beside the mouse doorstop.

11 thoughts on “A Few More Drunkard’s Path Blocks

  1. They are cute little blocks…..but that is a big number! I keep a running total in my diary of how many blocks I make. Baxter, you are looking wide awake today!


  2. Those blocks are sooo cute! Just divide the number of days that you expect to work on those blocks by the number you have to do and if the number is too many, add on a few days!:) Piece of cake! Whoops, I mean divide the blocks by the number of days!
    That’s one big mouse that Baxter won’t eat!

    And yes, there are several blogs where it is impossible to read the security words so I just give up. I guess that makes it real secure!


  3. I am glad you brought that up, as the words are becoming increasingly difficult for me to decipher. I thought it was my eyes, as I know i need to get glasses. They are longer words also. strange.
    These little blocks are so cute! I like the background fabric you are using, the muslin type.
    CUte little doorstop. That mouse is as big as Baxter!~ Cute.


  4. Cute little 30’s print blocks, Cathi. And Baxter is looking mighty regal in that pose. I agree about comments on blogger. I gave up leaving comments there awhile ago. I’ve typed those security things over and over! With no success. It’s very frustrating. I think WP is much more comment-friendly!


  5. Okay, I give up. I want to be a fly on the wall (well, maybe not a fly…) and see HOW you accomplish so much!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


  6. These blocks are so cute Cathi, good idea to start putting them together in blocks of 4 as you go along. I agree the security words are becoming more difficult to read of late.


  7. These are the sweetest little blocks ever! I apologize deeply for being 21 (!!) posts behind in reading your blog. I am going to catch up on all your wonderfulness and of course Baxter who is getting so grown up!!


  8. Love bee little blocks. I agree with you about the blogger rods but did you know you only have to figure out 1 of them, not both? I discovered this quite by accident.


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