Two Different New York Beauty Blocks and a Giveaway

As if I wasn’t having enough fun with the first New York Beauty collection, on Sunday a second New York Beauty collection was released. Of course I had to make a block. Truth be told, I’ve printed enough for 12 blocks of the new collection and another 12 of the first collection. The Tiffany Lamp quilt is going to be even more fun, if that’s possible, to make!

This is the new block I made with the first collection.

This one was made with the new second collection. I can’t get over how amazingly easy it was to put together. It took about an hour and a half to piece, although it took me much longer to decide which fabrics I wanted to use in which spot. I was going for a much more muted, almost watercolour, effect with this one and I think I accomplished that. For those who paper piece, the collection contains a page that can be printed for that purpose. They are both 6″ blocks.

It’s easy to press. I pieced the two triangle strips first and pressed them, joined the small arc to the quarter circle and pressed that and then joined all the pieces together.

I can’t possibly choose a favourite between the two types. Do you have a favourite?


Now for the giveaway.

Have you ever been tempted to make a Double Wedding Ring but have shied away from it because of its supposed difficulty? You can win the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring collection which makes stitching a DWR unbelievably simple. It really is Double Wedding Ring with training wheels on. I’ve made a small table runner with the collection and couldn’t believe how easy it was to piece. There are loads of possibilities for designing, as you can see on the All About Inklingo blog. To be entered in the draw, leave a comment at the All About Inklingo blog by Saturday, May 12. The design shown above, Blossoms in Niagara on the Lake, is one of my favourites of the many gorgeous design possibilities shown on this post at the blog. Scroll through the posts and see all the amazing things one can do with the Inklingo DWR collection.

But don’t just stop there. Have a good look through the All About Inklingo blog. It is full of creative inspiration, design layouts, EQ7 downloads using Inklingo shapes, and the list goes on.


Baxter was posing on the couch on Saturday. I love the crossed paws. He has a little “milk moustache”, as we’ve been calling it. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, I think you’ll see it.

13 thoughts on “Two Different New York Beauty Blocks and a Giveaway

  1. I love the colors you are using and it does resemble a tiffany lamp:) Went to Inklingo and left a comment for the drawing. If I don’t win it, can I win Baxter? Thanks, Pat 🙂


  2. I think it’s a toss up between the two blocks, both are equally impressive!
    Both will make incredible quilts! And your color choices are great as usual!

    Little milk moustache is sure in a great pose, he needs to be on a cat calendar!


  3. No WAY! Another NYB collection? I think you and Linda must never, ever, ever, ever sleep–lol! Amazing! Your NYB2 block is spectacular as usual, and I really love the muted colors! Sweet, sweet Baxter….


  4. I have just finished printing the NYB #2 I too have used muted colours. Still have to print #1, I have the fabrics ready and waiting. I too love the crossed paws look it’s just like someone saying “ok I am ready to order now”


  5. Lovely as always! I can always count on you for my quilt fix…when life doesn’t seem to even allow time to pat fabric! Baxter is just so sweet with his paw crossed royally…I can almost hear the purring! Hugs and happy Monday!


  6. I really like the soft colors you chose for the new block–it *does* feel watery, and quite Monet, if you follow. It will be a beautiful quilt, for sure. 🙂 I have never really noticed before, but Baxter has the most amazing long whiskers, no? 🙂



  7. What a great start to a Monday!! Your blocks are beautiful, Linda’s Inklingo is fabulous and Baxter is so regal in his crossed-paws pose. It’s all good!!


  8. Stunning Cathi! I so luv those colors!
    It put me in the mood to sew this morning!

    I cannot even discuss the cuteness of Baxter!!! ❤


  9. Beautiful Tiffany blocks Cathi!~ Your fabric choices were PERFECT!
    I went over and looked around and I can’t wait to get started on my Jane Austen quilt soon!~ To win this is going to be such a special gift for someone!~ WOW! Linda is so talented. You Canadian gals are really creative!~
    Love Baxter’s photo. Hope you had a good day…XO


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