Making a New York Beauty Block

While I’m definitely not going to drop the red and white quilt for a long period of time I made the decision, after reading some of yesterday’s comments and thinking about it, that my self-imposed pressure to finish it was becoming counter-productive. I do want to see it finished soon, but I think a week or two of not thinking about it and feeling guilty for working on something else is going to go a long way to making it an exciting project to work on again rather than one on which I feel pressured to work.

So with that freeing thought, I decided to work on a Tiffany Lamp block so I could add to this group shown earlier.

When I’m making a New York Beauty block I start by adding the arcs to the two corner pieces first. That’s quick and easy.

Then I make use of the continuous stitching possibilities and add all the small triangles to the diamonds. That takes two threads and is done in next to no time.

The next step will to be once again take advantage of the continuous stitching possibilities by adding the large triangles to the diamond/small triangle unit. Once all the large triangles are added, the centre part will be finished and all that will be left is joining that to the top and bottom arc units.

The photos were taken before the stitched pieces had been pressed as I don’t press this until I’ve got all the triangles added to the diamonds and then one final press after the arc units are joined to the diamond/triangles centre. It really is a fast block to stitch. And presses beautifully. And the finished block will be shown tomorrow.

Isn’t it funny how giving ourselves permission to move away from a project for a while is such a relief? It’s one thing when it’s a quilt that’s needed in time for a gift, but to impose that kind of pressure on myself to finish the red and white quilt with an arbitrary deadline was really silly as it took away from the fun I was having making it. I’m hoping this short break from working on it will put the fun back into it.

Baxter has no deadlines. He gets to do what he wants to do when and pretty much wherever he wants to. Including bath time.

8 thoughts on “Making a New York Beauty Block

  1. You know that a cat washing behind its ears means rain is coming….or at least that’s what the old superstition says! Your little blocks really glow, don’t they?


  2. I hope my odd teasing comment here and there about your red and white quilt didn’t add pressure. I really was just teasing šŸ™‚

    Love these colours, it’s going to be a real jewel box of colour when you’re finished.


  3. Thank you Cathi, for taking the time to photograph your method of stitching these blocks. You do make it look easy and quick. I must get some printed!!!
    How many fabrics do you print out to have enough selection to mix and match? How did you decide? Did you decide how many blocks you wanted to make then choose that number of fabrics to print out using the combo? Hmmmm I wish I knew what I was trying to ask, LOL….
    Love how yours is turning out šŸ™‚
    Baxter looks so funny in the picture, looks like he’s deliberately posing. Bunnyhugs to him, Elly


  4. Good for you! It should never become a “JOB” to make a quilt for yourself! having multiple projects going keeps things interesting and that’s how it should be! You’ll finish when the time is right!
    Baxter, however, is an ongoing unfinished project who is so funny! šŸ™‚


  5. This is wonderful, your details on how to assemble the NYB! And I totally get it about giving yourself permission….we are all a funny bunch! Yesterday I “got permission” from three friends who decided I should buy new fabric for a particular quilt top instead of waiting 6+ months till we get our stuff out of storage (house fire) where the backing I wanted awaits me. There ARE a gazillion fabrics out there…why did I think there was only ONE that would do? I, too, felt so relieved and happy to get to move forward. Baxter…adorable! šŸ™‚


  6. I really like the fabrics you are using for your NYB. They add movement and interest compared to the traditional fabrics that are normally seen with this block. Are your batiks easy to needle? Baxter looks like he is saying ~ ok another picture ~ here’s a pose for you.


    PS Kudos to the Jays in their series win over the Rangers. I got to see Darvish pitch against the Yankees. A very exciting win!


  7. I’m so glad you decided to give yourself a break on the red and white quilt. So many pieces in that one and then with the two fabrics… No need to push yourself. i’m one to talk. lol
    LOVE this quilt!~ and those great Baxter photos!


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