Colour, Colour and More Colour

More fabrics have been added to the mix for the Tiffany Lamp quilt. Rather than being a small wall hanging, I have a feeling this one is going to end up as a lap quilt. I can’t resist these wonderful colours and can’t wait to play with them. I’m going to try to resist printing more of the New York Beauty shapes on them until the weekend. Try being the operative word.

The lure of those fabrics is irresistible right now. I think it’s because I’m trying to stick with finishing the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt and have hit that spot where it just seems like I’m never going to quite get there. I’m over halfway finished with the pieced border elements so am determined to stick with it.

I love the elegance of two-colour quilts, but think for my next one I’ll choose a pattern that has not quite so many pieces to it. I am still hoping to make at least two more – a green and white one and a yellow and white one. And who knows, perhaps another red and white one. But not this year!  And not one that has a gazillion pieces to it.

Have you made a two-colour quilt? Did you find that you were really finding it difficult at times to contemplate working on it? I think what this red and white quilt has taught me is that I am more drawn to making scrappy and more colourful quilts.

I’m also starting to put ideas together for this year’s baseball playoffs/World Series quilt. While it’s very early in the season, I want to have lots of ideas in the ideas book when it comes time. Of course, if the Jays make it into the playoffs I won’t be stitching. I’ll be on the edge of the couch, watching every pitch.

The mourning doves are back. We haven’t seen them out on the roof garden for a few years. Yesterday I looked out the window and there was one perched on the tree. I love the sound of them. Baxter was rather intrigued, as they are somewhat larger than the birds he usually sees out there.

Baxter had a busy day yesterday, with lots to watch out on the roof garden including the gardeners. I think they’re starting to prepare the flower beds, but I bet they don’t plant anything before the Victoria Day weekend. After his busy day, Baxter was crashed last night on “his” quilt.

7 thoughts on “Colour, Colour and More Colour

  1. I like two colour quilts too…..but made with lots of different fabrics, so you get many tones of colour. Love those batiks! No doubt about Baxter, he certainly knows how to relax.


  2. Please keep posting pictures of your NYB blocks…I just love them!! This quilt will be gorgeous.

    I’ve never made a two color quilt. I think they’re pretty when finished but I’m afraid I’d be bored half way through. My quilting ADD. 🙂


  3. Two color quilts are so wonderful, reminds me that my daughter is still waiting for her red and white double wedding ring quilt that I have yet to start, maybe I’ll have it finished by her 1st anniversity????
    Cats have quite the life don’t they, eat, play and sleep!


  4. I love lots of color and have never made a two color quilt. It is on my to-list. I love traditional quilts and I am considering a two-color Drunkard’s Path. But…I flit…and I fly. LOL!


  5. Cathi, do you use batiks for much of your hand-piecing, or do you try to use “regular” fabrics because they are softer and perhaps easier to hand stitch? I am trying to decide on fabrics to buy to make a NYB…I love batiks, but I have mostly only used them for applique, never to hand-piece. Does it make any difference? Thanks! 🙂


  6. I know Baxter is enjoying that gorgeous rooftop garden view! His own “kitty TV”!~ I made a two color quilt once by machine, it was an Irish Chain. It did not have all those pieces like yours Cathi!~ So glad you are taking a break… The fabrics for this quilt look like a Crayola Box!~ So pretty and inviting! I know you just want to dig right in and begin creating!


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