Setting Idea

The little ’30s blocks have been sitting for a few days, although more drawings have been prepared by Mr. Q.O. for embroidery. But yesterday, thanks to a new 2″ and 4″ equilateral triangle Inklingo collection, I came up with a setting idea for them. Of course, I couldn’t resist quickly printing and adding some of the 2″ triangles to the three embroidered 2″ hexagons done so far and then started playing with the setting. I am going to try, I think, to use just two different ’30s fabrics for the triangles. I’m relatively sure that I didn’t use either of those fabrics for the various pieces I’ve printed for the half hexagons and diamonds that were previously printed so I think it will work.

I had been playing with setting ideas but nothing really stood out as a great idea. The triangles changed all that. This is going to be a fun and relatively fast quilt to put together.

Now the little frog is a froggy star!

And, of course, it presses beautifully.

There are some fabulous design ideas in the collection using the 2″ and 4″ triangles together, with diamonds and with hexagons. I was immediately inspired by some border ideas. And some small quilt ideas. And — well, you get the idea. I’m always amazed at just how quickly the ideas start to flow when I see new shape collections.

I didn’t get around to replying to any comments yesterday or visiting any blogs. I will get caught back up today. Yesterday I got caught up in work and then Mr. Q.O. was having computer problems, so the iPad was taken over by him. After a long read, I tend to want to flee the big computer and only use the iPad. Amazing how fast I’ve gotten used to using it. Now I can’t imagine not having one.

Baxter was curled up on the couch. Mr. Q.O. captioned it, “She hid the fabric bits and I got tired looking for them.”

8 thoughts on “Setting Idea

  1. Ohhh I’m loving the stars and the awesome froggy. I’m so psyched about the new collection, too. Lots to be happy about for us Inklingo people. Come on and join the fun I say!


  2. I love how the green in the kitten’s bow picks up the green in the embroidery. Great designs!~Mr. Q.O. What a fun and very unique work of art this quilt will be! I see a bit of red in Baxter’s coat that I’ve never noticed before.


  3. I love the setting for your hexies – I’d considered something similar for mine but hadn’t got round to sketching to see how it would look…now I don’t have to – it’s fantastic!! Love the photo and caption of Baxter!


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