A UFO Gets New Life!

I’ve talked about this book before, Ontario’s Heritage Quilts, and how much I love looking through it. When I first got a copy of the book years ago, I immediately fell in love with a Drunkard’s Path quilt.

But not just any Drunkard’s Path quilt. Oh, no. It had to be one made with 2″ blocks and that would take 832 of those tiny blocks to make.

I made my freezer paper templates and traced them on to ’30s fabrics and muslin and pieced those little blocks for a couple of months. But slowly the tracing of the templates became less and less appealing and harder on my hands. And so into this box the completed little blocks went. And, until last night, the box wasn’t opened again for a number of years.

Last night the light bulb moment occurred and I realized I could use the Inklingo 2″ Drunkard’s Path collection to finish the quilt. I immediately went on a hunt for the box, found it, opened it and was thrilled to realize I already have around 300 of the blocks done.

I grabbed a piece of muslin and a scrap of a ’30s print and had enough printed to make 8 blocks in the time it would have taken me to trace the two shapes for one block. Now I know I can finish the quilt that I have had my heart set on ever since I first saw the quilt in the book. I am over the moon excited about this!

Eight blocks were made last night. Mr. Q.O. timed it and it takes me about 5 to 6 minutes to piece each block. Over the next few weeks I’ll pull out the ’30s fabrics I have and print on them and on the muslin. And eventually I’ll have that quilt made.

For fun I put two of the blocks I pieced last night with two of the blocks from the box for this photograph. They’re going to go together perfectly. The only way to tell the Inklingo printed blocks from the others is that they have the rounded corners and, of course, don’t have the pencil marks on the back from my tracing of the templates. Instead I have the perfect lines printed by Inklingo. So now new life has been given to a UFO that I think would likely have ended up as a doll’s quilt as I couldn’t face tracing those templates over and over again.

While I was flying from the iron to the printer to print the shapes, I glanced over at the couch and noticed Baxter sound asleep like this. I think this may be one of Baxter’s first almost headless cat poses. Mr. Q.O. captioned it, “The Amazing Clingo!” How he stayed up like that is beyond me. Guess the quilt has magical holding powers on kitties.

13 thoughts on “A UFO Gets New Life!

  1. I love books about quilting and history. This looks like a fabulous book. Love the drunkard’s path too. But 2″ blocks, this is tiny. How big will you make the quilt? Funny about Baxter, my cats sit on the back of the sofa just like that too.


  2. I have a 3″ Drunkard’s Path hand pieced (the hard way! argh!) in the 30’s prints…..and I love it! It still needs to be quilted, and I had started hand quilting it years ago, but I took that out, and will now machine quilt it, so it can get on a bed one day! I’ve always loved the 30’s prints; they were my first real fabric collection when I started quilting.

    You’ve inspired me to get that out of the closet and get busy on it! Thanks!


  3. I have plenty of UFOs that may never be finished. I just cant seem to get back into sewing at all. I used to love hand embroidery, but even that has lost it’s charm.
    Baxter is amazing to sleep like that. Morty often chooses very odd places and poses, to have a snooze.


  4. You really do the most beautiful, and precise, work. I love to come admire, and see your progress. May I ask, did you complete the huge rainbow star you worked on some time back? I should love to see it.


  5. That is going to be one beautiful quilt! I love the way you store your small blocks and Inklingo pieces in little boxes, and love the Baxter pictures they always put a smile on my face!


  6. Oh Cathi, I LOVE this book!~ Thank you so much for the copy that you sent to me. I took it with me to Dr. appts. yesterday and it was such a wonderful escape. I can’t wait to see these little blocks turned into a quilt. The 30’s fabrics sure make you smile.


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