And Then There Were Five

Five New York Beauty blocks, that is. These are far, far, far, too addictive to stitch. Weekends are my “play” time away from the red and white quilt. Did I stitch anything but New York Beauty blocks this weekend? No, not a chance! Dreamt about them, as a matter of fact. I wonder if that’s a bad sign, that I’m now dreaming about these blocks. In different colours, different types of fabrics. I’m wondering what they might look like in batiks with Fassett prints. Or, of course, with my favourite shabby chic fabrics. The possibilities seem truly endless. For now I’m having fun making my Tiffany lamp quilt. But I have a feeling the box with the Fassett prints may come out to play … soon!

It presses perfectly and I am continuing with my (finally learned) good habit of grading the seams as soon as I finish a block.

Remember how thrilled I was with the wonderful warm weather in March? I think it was tempting the fates! The forecast for today is rain possibly mixed with … I don’t believe this … snow! I’m threatening to not open the drapes if there’s the possibility of seeing white flakes at the end of April. I hope the poor plants that have started to come up out on the roof garden survive this. Not to mention the butterflies that I’ve seen over the past few days. This is truly a topsy-turvy year as far as weather goes. No winter, summer in March and now … what, winter in April?

Baxter is fascinated by the little box in this photo. Why? Possibly because one night I forgot to put the lid on it. In that box are the ’30s hexagon blocks. While we slept, he merrily picked out piece after piece and left a trail of pieces for us to find in the morning. No harm was done. He just seems to love carting little pieces around and dropping them on the floor. I suppose I should be grateful he didn’t carry them to drop in his water bowl. And yes, I did do a count and know that none are missing. But ever since that night, he keeps his eye on the box hoping, I suppose, that I’m forgetful again.

11 thoughts on “And Then There Were Five

  1. Those blocks are wonderful! They will make a very fine quilt!

    Baxter just wants to play with fabric as you do each day, he is just doing what you do each day and doesn’t see why he can’t play, too! Poor kitty!


  2. Blocks looking scrumptious, friend. Yummy. BTW, we’re suddenly cold down here. I’m in sweats this morning. brrr Florida.


  3. I have my fabric washed and ironed just need to decide what colour goes where for my NYB’s. Those cats they don’t ever forget do they! Love the memory they have.


  4. These just keep getting prettier & prettier. I absolutely LOVE them! Funny, funny boy. One of my quilting friends has a cat who carries around fat quarters…..


  5. I’m curious, do you print the pattern pieces off on all your fabrics, or do you just use them as templates, cutting them out as you go! Love this design, very tempting to buy it & try it! Thanks!


    • The Inklingo shapes are printed right on the back of the fabrics. No tracing involved at all. The lines are very, very fine and always precise along with matching points and crosshairs, all of which adds up to perfect blocks every time. It’s a fabulous Inklingo collection and one that makes what may appear to be a hard to sew block a very easy to sew block!


  6. Oh Baxter is so funny! The way he is pictured I could well hear him saying the last few lines of the paragraph before his picture… if that makes any sense.
    Your NYB are looking fabulous! I’ve yet to print any out! How bad is that!!!
    I’ve yet to pick out some fabric. Hmmmm pastel batiks with KF fabrics sound wonderful….. 😉 Hope you had a lot of fun this past weekend! Bunnyhugs to Baxter, Ellyx


  7. That is a great “Baxter Story!~” lol I think he sees you sewing all the time and it’s just normal for him to want to be a part of what you are doing. I think it is very telling that he does not harm the pieces. He sees you being so delicate with them and must know they are of importance. Very interesting.
    These blocks are just spectacular! I love the fabrics you used, I’ve never seen anything like these and they were just made for this quilt. I so enjoy seeing your work Cathi.


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