Another Quilt in Waiting

It has been … this is embarrassing … over four years since this was basted. And yet it still isn’t quilted. Thankfully, it’s thread basted rather than pinned! I love this quilt – it is another in which I mixed and matched just about everything I had – batiks and novelties, brights and shabby chic. If the fabrics played nicely together in an individual diamond, I was happy. There is absolutely no reason this has languished this long waiting to be finished. I know how I want to quilt the plain setting diamonds. I know how I want to quilt the sashing. What I’m not a hundred per cent sure about is how I want to quilt the pieced diamonds. But as soon as Ferris Wheel is finished, this will be next in the hoop. The photo was taken years ago when a neighbour helped me (that’s me on the right) hold it, out on the roof garden, just shortly after I finished piecing the top. It is entirely hand pieced and contains all the diamonds from Linda Franz’ Quilted Diamonds 2 book. The pieced diamonds measure 4″ by 7″.

This is a close-up of part of the top.

Here are a few of the individual diamonds, in no particular order.  This duck diamond always makes me laugh.

As does this kitty diamond. A lot of fussy cutting was done so I could get the mouse, the paw prints, the ball of yarn and the kitty centred in each of their respective pieces.

I love the brightness of this star.

The oval diamond has one of my favourite floral fabrics in it.

The butterfly diamond is another of my favourites. As I look at some of these photos I realize I fussy cut for just about every single one of the diamonds. It sounds like a lot, but it was actually a lot of fun. And it’s going to be a lot more fun to start quilting them and get this finished.

The only challenge is going to be finding the perfect binding fabric. It has been so many years that I doubt I’ll find the batik that was used for the sashing anywhere. There’s a funny story that goes with the sashing. I had my stack of diamonds and was going to a quilt shop where I would be meeting a number of quilters, including one who hand-dyed fabrics. She took the stack of diamonds, quickly looked through them, walked to the front of the store and, before I could turn around, had picked the batik off the shelf. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

Baxter definitely knows how to relax. I wonder if he’s going to want to claim my Quilted Diamonds quilt as his.

19 thoughts on “Another Quilt in Waiting

  1. Don’t worry, I have tons of tops that have been waiting to be quilted for years! I know that you will get to yours at some point. I guess patience is the operative word. It is a beautiful quilt! I am sure that you will also find that perfect binding. It will all come together when you least expect it! Plus, I am sure that Baxter thinks ALL of your quilts are his!


  2. I have a lot of tops but the ones for me generally get quilted relatively soon. You’ll get it done and LOVE IT. Of course Baxter will think it’s for him. Oh have I told you how beautiful the top is!!!!!!!!


  3. Don’t be embarrassed, that quilt is beautiful and deserves to “simmer in the waiting pool” to get quilted! I have quilt kits sitting here that I haven’t even started that are older than 4 years! Which reminds me, I need to quit quilting for other people and start my own projects one of these days!
    So Baxter will inherit another quilt, that is ok because everybody needs their own collection and you know he will REALLY appreciate the gift of another quilt.


  4. Stunning is right…wow! I love all the fussy cutting, it makes every block so interesting….wish I could see up close and study every block! 🙂


  5. Baxter will probably claim every quilt you make as his! That is really gorgeous. Sometimes projects have to simmer for a while……I have tops that have been maturing for ten years and more.


  6. I am so sorry that I am late commenting on this beauty. I have been eyeing it for days, since it’s posting. What an incredible quilt! Lucky you to have your friend choose that batik so quickly!~ wow! Let me know if I can help search for binding here… Let me know what color/type you have in mind. This is truly magnificent!


  7. The scrappy Quilted Diamonds is gorgeous! I started slowly working on a scrappy one a few months ago. I know it’s gonna take me quite some time to do it, but I hope it turns out as beautiful as yours!


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