My First Applique Quilt

While I work on the red and white quilt, I thought I’d revisit some older quilts. Tuesday we took this one out to the roof garden for a photo. It was made about 12 years ago — I didn’t date the label and have no notes about it anywhere, so am just guessing. It was my first appliqué quilt and was based on a pattern in a McCall’s Vintage Quilts magazine, although I did amend it somewhat. The blocks are 15″ and the quilt finished at about 66″ by  81″. It was pieced, appliquéd and quilted by hand. The only time the sewing machine was used was to attach the binding.

When I look at it now I get a laugh out of the fabrics – I mixed up everything in it. Muslin was used for the background. There are batiks, ’30s prints, florals, checks, you name it in the plates. I wasn’t following any rules about what goes with what. It was just what appealed to me and I thought played nicely together. I remember using a dinner plate to cut the corners of the quilt so that they’d be curved. That was my first time working with a bias binding and I loved it! In fact, I’ve pretty much always gone for bias bindings ever since then.

As this more current (and still being quilted) quilt that I’ve called Ferris Wheel shows, Dresden Plate quilts are something to which I’m really drawn. I’m contemplating a third one now. But now they are so much easier. No more tracing templates over and over. I just print my shapes with the Inklingo Dresden Plate collections. I was playing with some design ideas last night for another one, using EQ, and I think that it’s not too far off. First of course, I have to finish the red and white and my Tiffany lamp New York Beauty (which won’t be very big).  And start the quilt I’ve designed using the fabrics I won in the Love the Lines contest. And finish Pickled Ladies. And finish … oh, okay. The list is endless.

Baxter doesn’t care what else I make. He has his quilt now. Just about every evening he curls up on it.

9 thoughts on “My First Applique Quilt

  1. I think that’s how we SHOULD quilt…use whatever fabrics appeal to us. No real rules….
    Love the Ferris Wheel quilt! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that pattern before. Is it your design?


  2. I loved how Baxter doesn’t care what else you make…and he is so darned pretty! Wow, two more gorgeous quilts, amazing work!!! 🙂


  3. Those ferris wheel blocks are so nice! You’re getting there!
    And it’s nice to know that Baxter has acquired that blue and white quilt and nobody is telling him he can’t be on it, no wonder he looks so relaxed!


  4. Oh……poor Baxter, what a hard life he leads! There’s no such thing as the quilt police – you can use whatever you like, it’s your quilt after all. I shudder when I look at some of my early efforts but they still have a place.


  5. I LOVE the border on that quilt – sometimes I think we were more free to be creative BEFORE we learned all the “rules” !


  6. Love the Dresden plate quilt you made way back and I very much like the border you added to it. I think it’s great that all the fabrics are mixed in. I adds so much more interest and character to a project.
    It’s great to see your beautiful Ferris Wheel quilt again 😀
    Baxter looks so cosy on his quilt there… yes he has such a hard life, LOL…
    Bunnyhugs to kitty, Elly


  7. These quilts are WONDERFUL! I love that Dresden Plate! I have some of my great grandmother’s blocks she made. I made the mistake, when I was a BRAND NEW quilter , of putting them on a sheet. Well, it IS a cotton sheet, but nevertheless… It was all I had on Cumberland at the time, could not run out to the quilt shop easily. The reason I bring it up is that I think each quilt evokes memories and that is half the fun. I will pass it along to one of my nieces one day, at least it will be finished and continued to be loved. You did a beautiful job on that one Cathi.
    The Ferris Wheel STILL reminds me of those pretty Amish Barn Designs you see. But, that is just me and I LOVED seeing those. Proves quilts are art. Everyone will see something different.
    I DO think your NY BEAUTIES sure do look like a Tiffany lamp! I can’t WAIT to see that one!
    Baxter knows a good quilt when he sees one. Appropriate that he would take to your signature quilt, as he is your signature also. 🙂


  8. I love the border on the dresden plate!…it makes the quilt so much more…and the fabric selection is fun and spontanoius…ruled dont apply to that!
    The ferris whell is a favorite pattern of mine and I am looking forward to seeing the quilting!


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