One More Star Done

This star almost put itself together. It has been months since I made one of these, but this seemed to stitch up much faster than I remember. I started it Friday evening and finished it last night.

Since there are 201 pieces in each block, I decided to grade the seams as I go this time. I will have to go back and grade the seams on the blocks that are already done but at least I’ll have the new ones done, rather than having to do all of them at once.

The pieces for the next block are cut and ready to stitch.

Mr. Q.O. has captioned this one, “Studying Art Can Be Tiring.” It doesn’t look very comfortable for Baxter with his head on a hard book, but it must have been all right as he slept like that for quite a while.

14 thoughts on “One More Star Done

  1. Cathi, this block is so beautiful! Fills me with Christmas spirit overflowing! Which pieces are needed for the one block….I’m pretty sure I’ve already subscribed to Inklingo for this block, but will check. One for the holidays would be such fun, since
    there will be no going home to family this year! Happy stitching!


  2. That’s a lot of pieces in each block…..but these are large blocks, right? I would hate to think they finished at 8in square! Obviously being Head of the House is tiring, and a kitty needs to rest occasionally.


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