Ideas from Fabric

This group of 10 FQs is really calling to me. I haven’t quite figured out yet what I want to make with them, but I keep looking at them and trying to decide what would show them off to their best advantage.

Yesterday a friend asked me for some ideas for a quilt using a certain type of fabric and it got me thinking about those FQs again. All I need to do now is choose the right background fabric for them and then play. But that’s not happening until the Twinkling Stars top is finished and the Pickled Ladies top is well on its way to being finished.

I’m almost halfway through making the pieced border for Twinkling Stars and am well on the road to finishing it before the baseball is over. The little 9-patch blocks on point are going to end up in a quilt of their own as I completely changed my mind about the Twinkling Stars borders.

Baxter was relaxing after another busy day of watching out the window. The leaves are starting to fly by the windows as it has been a bit windy, and he’s quite busy during the day on the windowsill, going back and forth trying to get them.

9 thoughts on “Ideas from Fabric

  1. Baxter is like Molly watching out of the window all day. If you check out my blog on Monday’s post there may be something of interest there as a friend is starting a photo meme on November 17th about “the view from my window,” and I am doing the view from Molly’s window.



  2. Oooooh, what delightful fat quarters! Are we thinking tropical theme here???? At least the top fabric screams warm sunny beaches…and what a perfect time to have ones thoughts immersed in that climate! 🙂


  3. Oh yes, very nice. Northcott’s Rain Forest collection. I’m working with a few of them right now – the reds and yellows are so striking together. I’m working on a quilt for my brother and sister in law who just moved back to Canada after 11 years of living in colourful Mexico. I know I’ll love whatever you come up with.

    Baxter is looking so grown up these days.


  4. These are gorgeous fabrics. I know how you feel, as I love toile and love buying it… but, to showcase it?!?! Difficult. I’ll be watching to see what you do. 🙂 I can only imagine Master Baxter pawing at the leaves. tee hee What great fun. I miss seeing them fall.


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