What to Make With Flannel Fabrics?

These fabrics have been in my stash for ages and ages. I seem to bring them out every year just around this time and try to sort out what to do with them. They’re mostly FQs, with a few half yards and one piece that’s a couple of yards.

I’ve never really worked with flannel, so am rather at a loss as to what to make. I’ll definitely be piecing the quilt by machine and would like to be able to get a couple of lap quilts out of these fabrics. I’m thinking that perhaps a simple 9-patch, using 2″ or 3″ squares, might be one possibility but …

What would you make with these? Is it necessary to use a wider seam allowance than a quarter inch when working with flannels?

I have perhaps another hour or so until the pieced border for Twinkling Stars is done. Then it’s a matter of pressing the borders and sewing them on. I’m definitely on track to get this done, perhaps even before the second game of the World Series.

Baxter loves to lick/chew fabric so when we were setting up to take the pictures Tuesday night, he was eyeing the fabrics and doing this.

Earlier in the day, he had been showing his more elegant self posing as kitty in lace.

20 thoughts on “What to Make With Flannel Fabrics?

  1. I have made several flannel quilts and 1/4 inch seams are what you need. No need for wider. They are great to work with and fun to have a soft cuddly quilt. The simpler the pattern the better only because the flannel seams can get bulky and if their are too many seams coming together at one point you may have some really big lumps.


  2. Good morning Cathi 🙂 I’ve only used flannel a couple of times. Here are links to my photos:-
    First is a lap quilt for my mum… she lives in south Spain but is always cold… even in summer :- http://flic.kr/p/6Moadj
    and the second is a small baby blanket with half square triangles which I acquired from a friend who made them then gave up when it came to putting them together:-
    http://flic.kr/p/6MobB5 It was a little tricky working with those HSTs but liked the result. If I was to make another flannel quilt I’d be using a pattern that only had squares in it.
    Bunnyhugs to Kitty Baxter 🙂 Ellyx


  3. Oops ps…. I’d go for the larger of the squares ie 3″ and you don’t need wider seams but I would make sure to pin.
    One of my favourite ‘square’ designs is a double 4 patch. Ellyx


  4. Cathi, I love the “Disappearing Nine Patch” and it would be perfect for your flannels. It is quick, easy and always makes up as an interesting and pretty quilt. If you would like directions I will see if I can find a tutorial link for you, or you can just googlel it. It just involves sewing a nine patch and cutting it up and resewing it. Automatically makes your sashings and cornerstones for you. You just have to be mindful of your placement of your fabrics when you make each nine patch. Cathy


  5. Oh, those are lovely “northwoods” feeling fabrics! I remember many from my stash…that disappeared with my move. I believe they’d be perfect for the “Yellow Brick Road” quilt…a super fast/easy lap quilt that everyone loves! Oh that dear Baxter…you would just know that he’d develop a passion for fabric in your house!
    Happy Stitching!


  6. Flannel is so great! The same seam allowance will work but remember some of them are a bit stretchy at times. So soft and waiting for winter. If you think your cotton fabrics are cat magnets, just make a flannel quilt and watch the reaction that Baxter shows for it!


  7. I have a flannel log cabin quilt made about 10 years ago. The owner is rough on items and I had a chance to look at this quilt several weeks ago. It is pulling apart at the seams. I used 1/4″ seams. Now that said, there was an article in QNM, I believe, that recommended deepening the seams a bit when using flannel. So, if I were making another flannel quilt, I would consider the recipient and adjust the seam depth accordingly.


  8. Oh goodness, these scream “FALL!” So pretty. I get out my Fall fabrics and play with them this time of year. Always think of a log cabin pattern when I see them. Or a leaf type with my fall batiks. I can’t wait to see what you make! Love the Baxter photos today. He is such an elegant cat, and funny. lol


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