Twinkling Stars Progress

The main part of the top is together. Now to make and add the borders and this year’s baseball playoffs quilt will be done. With any luck, it will be finished before the World Series is over.

This is a big milestone for me. While I hybrid pieced some of the blocks and totally hand pieced some others, the majority of the quilt was put together by machine. it’s given me a lot more confidence about machine piecing, which will come in handy for some quilts I want to make.

On Friday evening I got a call from the LQS and, after close to 6 months, the white on white fabric has finally come in. I’m thrilled as it means I can definitely finish off the Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt exactly as I wanted with the pieced border I had envisioned for it.

Baxter is still teething and, on the weekend, he lost (and we found) a baby tooth. Rather than put it in a little pillow for the kitty tooth fairy, Mr. Q.O. tossed it. I think Baxter deserves a new toy and plan to get him one from the kitty tooth fairy.

19 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars Progress

  1. Wonderful!! The individual blocks were delightful, but the whole is so much more! :)) And what good news that you have your white on white fabric available. Can’t wait to see more of the sunflower quilt. You are truly an inspiration!


  2. Love the look of the stars! Hmmm, kitty tooth fairy…how interesting! We are also
    waiting for the tooth fairy…have just forgetten for a couple days to place the first tooth out for fairy pick-up! Wonder if kitty tooth fairy travels with the regular people tooth fairy? I think our tooth fairy leaves coupons good for a visit to dollar store…! 😉


  3. I’m so happy you have the fabric! Now you’re on your way to finishing that quilt!
    Series start on Wednesday, right? Get ready to finish those quilts!
    Poor little Baxter will miss the tooth fairy, but a new toy will be just the thing. You know you can’t have too many cat toys! 🙂


  4. The stars are truly “twinkling”! I just love this and can’t wait to see what you do what you do for the border.
    I’m SO happy that you are able to purchase more of the white fabric needed! whew!~ That is wonderful! What a great LQS owner you have.
    That Baxter is one lucky kitty.


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