Little 9-Patch Blocks on Point

The 9-patch blocks are just so much more fun set on point that I couldn’t resist. They’re very quick to stitch, and give me the look I wanted for these little blocks.

Earlier this week, two new Inklingo collections were released with the triangles needed to set 4.5 inch blocks and 6 inch blocks on point, and that helped give me the idea for the 9-patch blocks. I have a little stack of 4.5-inch blocks that were made years ago but which have sat all this time. Now that the math has been taken out of figuring out what size QSTs and HSTs I needed to set them on point, I’ll get them out once the Twinkling Stars top is finished.

I’m still on schedule with this year’s baseball playoffs quilt. Although I’ve had a couple of evenings when I really wanted to work on something else, I have managed to resist and now am really glad I did.  There’s not too much hand piecing left to be done, maybe another 25 or so of the 9-patch blocks and then their setting triangles.  The rest will be done by machine.

Baxter seems to have decided my computer chair is a favourite spot — after walking over the keyboard on his way to the chair, that is. A couple of times he has almost managed to send an e-mail while marching over the various keys and the trackpad, but none have been sent … yet.

9 thoughts on “Little 9-Patch Blocks on Point

  1. Baxter and our kitties have something in common…….we thought we had turned our computer off at bedtime, but it has been mysteriously coming back on again by itself……or perhaps caused by a cat strolling on the keyboard! Your colours are so cheerful.


  2. I love them on point! This is one of my favorite settings! I know how sitting in front of the TV does allow you to get tons done. For me though it is a matter of getting it accomplished with a kitty on my lap.


  3. Oh holy goddesses of the quilt world but I love those nine patches like that. Wow!!! I’m so darn inspired I can contain myself. Again! Okay and Baxter is really growing into himself. Everyday he’s becoming more and more regal. What a gorgeous catamous he is.


  4. Those blocks look so nice on point! It’s amazing how just setting blocks on point, suddenly makes them come alive!

    If we end up getting an email in the night asking for yogurt or cat toys, at least we will know where that came from!


  5. Love those little nine-patches on point! Amazing that we often overlook the simple patterns and also miss the beauty of them too! Ahhhhh, Baxter…you scamp! He’ll soon be sending “order out” orders for treats! Hugs!


  6. These are wonderful – I really, really want to make some but they’ll have to join the queue!! If Baxter sends me an email I’ll see if Archie will send one back – there’s no way I’m letting him walk across the keyboard though so he’ll have to learn to type!!


  7. WOW! Your little stars fair twinkle!! and I just LOVE these fabulous little Onpoint nine patches 🙂
    I hope Kitty Baxter gets a lovely reward for his teethy pegs that he’s loosing. He’s looking even cuter than the last time I saw him 🙂 Hugs Elly (who’s been away awhile and not able read my blogs, I hope you are all keeping well)xx


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