Stormy Seas

While the temporary design wall was up, I put up the 17 Storm at Sea blocks that are done so far. When I put them up, I was trying to put blocks that used the same 2 fabrics beside one another to see if I liked the effect. This has given me a slightly different idea about block placement in the top when all the blocks are done.

When will that be? After Twinkling Stars is finished (hopefully that will be when the baseball season is finished), the Pickled Ladies top is together and I hopefully find enough of the white on white I’m using for the Feathered Star/Sunflower to complete it. Then Stormy Seas moves to the top of the list.

There were some fabulous tips on removing quilting in the comments to yesterday’s post. After reading them and thinking about it some more, I’m now not sure if I will take out the machine quilting. I’ll spread the quilt out over the weekend and have a good look again.

Baxter in Pink Chair.  That’s what we’ve titled this photo after Mr. Q.O. played with some photo effects.

This one we’re calling “Kitty in the Hall”.

8 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. You used the opposite theory of placement that I used-you used the darks in the middle and I used the lights in the middle. Both are awesome.
    Baxter is devilishly handsome:)


  2. At the rate you’re going, you will have so many quits done at about the same time, one right after the other! Nice plan!
    Baxter has such cute wiggley positions!


  3. I LOVE what Mr. Q.O. did!!!~ I can see and entire series of this type of art. VERY NICE.
    I love your Storm At Sea quilt. So pretty. You are so creative.
    Send me the info on this white fabric and I”ll see what I can find here. I keep forgetting to request the info. so that I can help you search.
    I love how our dogs spread out like this, so luxuriously lounged. cracks me up. lol
    Baxter is beautiful.


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