More and More Twinkling Stars

Much as I’ve wanted to steal time away from making the Twinkling Stars and work on something else, I’ve managed to stay on course and now have slightly under half the stars done. I’m hoping to finish them off by the end of this long weekend and then will only have the little 9-patches left to make before I can start putting the top together.

They’re hybrid pieced. I’m joining parts of the blocks by machine and then finishing it by hand piecing. I know the blocks can be totally made by machine, but I enjoy putting them together by hand and they’re relatively quick to stitch. For those who have asked, I’m using shapes from the Inklingo Tumbler Collection. It’s easy to get the long skinny tris perfect when one has the stitching lines and matching points.

This is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and our weather sounds like it’s going to be much more like summer than fall, with humidex readings in the 30C range on Saturday and Sunday. Makes me wonder how many people will have barbecues for Thanksgiving rather than heat up their homes cooking turkeys.

Over the last few days, Baxter has spent more time on the windowsill than anywhere else. He has a tendency to wave one paw in the air, which we’ve dubbed his royal wave. Here I’m not sure what he waving at — perhaps a squirrel or bird.

14 thoughts on “More and More Twinkling Stars

  1. Stopped by from Quilter blogs to enjoy your quilts. The Twinkling stars are neat blocks and your Storm at Sea quilt is going to be gorgeous–love the variety of blues you’re using in it.
    best from Tunisia,


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Cathi and Mr QO. My son has just recently moved to Montreal to work at McGill University so he is celebrating this weekend instead of next month. Hope you have a great day


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