Stormy Seas Blocks 15 & 16

Two more of the Stormy Seas blocks are done and added to the group. Only 26 more blocks to go. That in itself is enough to encourage me to stitch at least parts of the blocks by machine.

This second block is one of my favourites.

Over the past week I have been doing a lot of hand quilting on the whole cloth quilt. So much so that the finger on the hand beneath the quilt is getting really sore. I’m going to try wearing a very thin, flexible leather thimble on my finger underneath the quilt to see if that helps when quilting. Now that I’m back in the habit of hand quilting, I don’t want to stop because of a sore finger.

Baxter hanging out on the quilt on the couch with some teddy bear friends.

8 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Blocks 15 & 16

  1. I was wondering when we would see those Storm at Sea blocks again, they are gorgeous! Hope the leather thimble works for you; I have also used a few layers of micropore tape – do you get that in Canada? – on my under finger, and if the needle starts poking through I add another layer. Baxter is doing what every quilter’s cat does.


  2. By piecing your storm at sea blocks with the machine, you’ll just SAIL thru them! 🙂

    Baxter is tranforming into a CAT before our eyes! He may still act like a kitten, though.


  3. Cathi,

    Try putting a few coats of liquid bandage on that under-finger. I find that helps, and I can still feel the needle as it comes thru.



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