And Then There Were 10

Ten more sparkling twinkling stars, that is.  I’ve found a stitching sequence that makes putting these stars together quick as can be.

Normally when I start making blocks, I have a vague idea of a layout but this time? This time the entire quilt top is planned, right down to the border. I have a feeling I may have the whole thing together by the time the baseball playoffs finish.

Baxter’s markings are showing up more and more each day. With the grey cloth as a backdrop, his lynx tips are really showing.

6 thoughts on “And Then There Were 10

  1. I love those bright colours in your stars. The finished piece will be gorgeous!! Almost as gorgeous as Baxter. He is growing into a beautiful boy, but he’s looking a little sad in this picture. Maybe he needs a little playmate who speaks his language?


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