Ferris Wheel Quilting Begun

Quilting the Ferris Wheel quilt was one of the things I had hoped to start on the weekend. While that didn’t happen, I did get a start on it yesterday. I’m using a silk batt again and love how easy it makes it to manipulate the quilt sandwich when machine quilting.

Truth be told, I have to get Ferris Wheel quilted as I need the safety pins to baste the next one. I’m going to ask a friend if I can use her living room floor to baste as I have a feeling Baxter would be a bit too much help, particularly with his determination to chew fabric given the chance.

I’m hoping to get Ferris Wheel done by the end of the week. The fabric for the binding is picked out. It’s a great striped fabric, so I’m going to make bias binding as I love the effect of striped fabric in a bias binding.

I use a laptop for work and keep the wireless keyboard down beside my desk when I’m not working. Baxter likes to hang out under my desk and on Tuesday we got this shot of him draped over the keyboard. He seems to be very attracted to technology as well as quilting. When I’m printing something, he has to get as close as he can to watch the paper.

An extra shot of Baxter, because it shows off his amazing whiskers!

13 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel Quilting Begun

  1. Hi Cathi,
    Your quilts are amazing and I just love anticipating the “next” one! Baxter is a gorgeous cat… I love, love his expressions! Your pictures of him are simply amazing! So is that gorgeous quilt!!!


  2. I LOVE those Ferris Wheels, that will be an awesome quilt and the binding sounds perfect!
    Little Baxter is just curious and if he can’t check things out, he’ll never learn where everything is kept and what it’s purpose is, meaning he needs to know where the chewables are hidden.


  3. Looking forward to seeing that quilt when it is quilted and bound! Baxter is very cute in those pics, oh my doesn’t he have big feets…….Mr Bronze Wombat enjoys his daily dose of Baxter too.


  4. I am with you on striped biased binding. It will look great with the Ferris Wheels. Baxter is so adorable. I love the way he sits with his front paws turned out. Speaking of paws ~ they are getting b-i-g-g-e-r every day!


  5. Baxter is just adorable! I love his bright wide eyes. My cats are also fascinated by the printer and flock to it as soon as it starts making noise. To be honest, I’ve printed out things before just to distract them and get them to stop messing with other things.


  6. Hooray for getting the Ferris Wheel quilt done….even if the excuse is that you need the pins LOL. Boy that Baxter is such a great helper ROFL.



  7. Your Ferris Wheel is just stunning, Cathi! And little Baxter is so sweet too;) My own MC is also very keen on technology… computer, printer, sewing machine etc. and of course he’s mad about fabrics and threads!


  8. I really enjoy reading about our quilting but I am more drawn to the antics of your cat, Baxter! He is beyond adorable! My MC, Bailey, is very inquisitive and can’t stand to find a door closed! He even opens them! I call him Snoop Dog a lot, especially when he is scratching at a closed door or snooping around in closets. He has long whiskers, too, as well as lots of fur between his toe pads. Give Baxter a scratch behind those big ears for me!

    PS Our daughter just rescued Kitty number 6…she’s not even 6 weeks old. A fluffy calico she has named Pippa. She’s a little firecracker!


  9. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t have too many quilts waiting to be quilted. I think the ferris wheels are beautiful. (and so is Baxter)


  10. Looking forward to seeing the stripped bias on the ferris wheel quilt.
    Our Missy loved to see what was happening at the printer when she was a kitten too. Baxters whiskers are beautiful.
    Happy quilting


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