Sunflower Combos

Mr. Q.O. sat down with the stack of fabrics he previously chose and picked out 3 combos for the first of the sunflowers.

Guess I’ve got my work cut out for me getting the shapes printed and the first of these blocks started. As it turns out, it appears this week is a work-free week for me so I’ll have the time to get these started as well as finish a couple of things that didn’t get finished on the weekend.

I think this is my favourite of the combos he’s picked out so far.

Baxter, wide awake and posing for the camera. He’s so active that I always feel like it’s a feat to get a photo of him awake that’s not a blur of movement.

11 thoughts on “Sunflower Combos

  1. No, not the shades of pink and greens? Shocked. 🙂

    Fantastic pic of Baxter. Really seeing how the eye-liner continues to be so pronounced.


  2. Wow! Those will be bright and awesome blocks, nice job, Mr. O.Q. !
    Baxter is just sitting nicely, waiting for the right moment to chew his way to the new block fabrics! So Cute!


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